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How Do I Set Up My Evaluation?Steps you need to take in order to successfully set up your evaluation and start trading.
Can I Change My Name on the Evaluation?Can I Sign Up as an LLC?
What are the Differences Between the Trader Career Path®, Gauntlet Mini™ and the LiveSim®/Live Accounts?Learn about our products and LiveSim®/Live account differences, what works best for you?
If I Do not Pass the Gauntlet Mini™/ Trader Career Path® May I Try Again?What happens if your evaluation status is failed? Learn more about it.
How do I Reset my Gauntlet Mini™/ Trader Career Path®?Steps to reset your evaluation and continue your process to become a professional trader.
Can I Have Multiple Trader Career Path®, Gauntlet Mini™ and Live/LiveSim® accounts?Understand our policy for multiple accounts and the use of copy trading, which is forbidden.
Do I Have to Pay for Data Fees During the Trader Career Path® / Gauntlet Mini™?Data fees in the Trader Career Path®/ Gauntlet Mini™
What Rules Do I Need to Follow?Familiarize yourself with the rules for our evaluation process and LiveSim®/Live account.
Do you Need to Be a Certain Age to Take the Gauntlet Mini™/ Trader Career Path®?
How long is my free Journalytix License?When does my Journalytix License expire?
What Assets Can I Trade?Tradable Assets
What is the Commission on the Earn2Trade Evaluations?Learn more about our commissions structure
How do I Enable Journalytix in my Dashboard?How to turn on Journalytix?
What is Journalytix?Find out what are the benefits from using this platform and how it can help on your trading journey
What Is “Mark to Market”?
Commissions on Micro AssetsCommission on Micro Assets for the Evaluation and Live Accounts
What is a front-month contract, and how do you find it?Discover front-month contracts and how to find an expiry date inside the CME website
What is Velocity Logic, and how does it affect your trading?Learn about this market integrity control and how it affects your day-to-day trades
What is the Cost of your Packages?How much does it cost to join the program?
Which Exchanges Can I Have Access to?
Is it Possible to Trade EUREX or ICE on The Trader Career Path® / Gauntlet Mini™?
Are you Regulated/ Licensed?
Where Are you Based?Where are the Earn2Trade offices?
During which Holidays are the Markets Closed?
If I Repurchase a New Trader Career Path® or Gauntlet Mini™ Subscription After Canceling it, Can I Resume from Where I Left off?
What payment methods do you accept?The list of accepted payment methods at Earn2trade
Can I pay with cryptocurrency?Do you accept payments in crypto?
Fee schedule in E2T evaluations and on funded accounts
Prohibited Conduct in Earn2Trade Evaluations and in the LiveSim®/ Live Trading Environment