All CME (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX) Futures assets can be traded. This includes the Micros.

There is no Forex trading on any of the Gauntlet™ products.

UPDATE: As of December 5th, 2019, due to the high margin requirement and the 200% margin required by many FCMs for trading BTC (Bitcoin futures), the asset will no longer be allowed to be traded on live accounts and will not count towards your Gauntlet™ or Gauntlet Mini™ completion.

UPDATE: Due to the extreme volatility of the asset, Earn2Trade disallows the trading of Ether Futures.

NOTE: Trading low-liquidity contracts on Rithmic carries an inherent risk, as Rithmic bases open equity calculation on Bid/Ask prices, which is what a trader would receive upon closing a trade. This can result in huge swings on a trader's account balance. Please note that it is entirely your responsibility to pay attention to liquidity of assets and if such swings fail your Gauntlet™ attempt, Earn2Trade holds no responsibility.

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