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Can I Change My Name on the Evaluation?
Can I Change My Name on the Evaluation?

Can I Sign Up as an LLC?

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The evaluation account (either the Trader Career Path® or the Gauntlet Mini™) needs to be registered in the trader’s own name. Indicate your name as it appears in your identification documents.

By entering your name during the purchase process you declare that it's your own name and that you are not trading on behalf of anyone else. The name you indicate represents the permanent owner and user of the account and cannot be changed during or after the evaluation.

Users who indicate either incomplete or unrealistic names (for example “Mr D T”, “Rachel P.”, “Rich Guy”) will not be accepted for funding following a successful pass.

You can only sign up as a natural person for the evaluation, however, after a successful pass you can open your LiveSim©/ live account as an LLC.

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