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What is Journalytix?
What is Journalytix?

Find out what are the benefits from using this platform and how it can help on your trading journey

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Journalytix is a next generation automated trade analytics and journaling tool with a built-in real- time news feed. The tools reveal patterns in trading data that help traders understand what’s working for them and what isn’t. Traders not only get up to the minute analytical information about their day in terms of both P&L and Risk, they also get a heads up in terms of both scheduled economic releases and market moving news, tailored to events that are likely to impact their trading.

Thanks to a partnership between Earn2Trade and Jigsaw (the makers of Journalytix) the platform is integrated into the trading dashboard for Gauntlet™ / Gauntlet Mini™ / Trader Career Path™ candidates. Gauntlet™ / Trader Career Path™ candidates will benefit from all of the advanced statistics and journaling tools available in Journalytix, including: 

-Trader Support Dashboard -  Journalytix "Day Overview"combines a real time audio news feed, economic release warnings (1min, 5 min prior to release), real time economic news announcements and Profit, Risk and Open P&L charting - to give you a single view that ensures you are always aware of how your day is progressing, how that compares to your typical day and what events are shaping the days action.

-Trade Journaling & Tagging- within seconds of creating or closing a position on your trading platform, trade details are automatically sent to our servers. A friendly, unobtrusive notification will give you 1-click access to the journal for that position where you can - voice dictate notes (130 languages supported), categorize the trade, add free-format hashtags and attachments such as screen shots or videos.

-Advanced Analytics Dashboard - Analyze your trade history to discover what's really impacting your P&L - good & bad.Analyze by trade types and the free-format hashtags you added to the positions, find out which instruments, what times of day, what behaviors are really driving your bottom line.

-Playbook - as nothing works all the time, the playbook is your repository to save information about your trading rules and which market conditions best suit each set up. Many traders without a playbook move from one setup to the next without realizing those setups only stopped working because volatility shifted. When volatility returns to it's prior state - those setups represent opportunity once more.

-P&L Calendar- at a glance monthly/weekly overview of performance overtime. Spot outlying days in terms of good/bad performance and trade frequency - then zoom in to review what you did on those days & what was going on in the markets, so that you can better learn from the experience.

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