Yes, you can have up to three multiple accounts with Helios, the prop firm. You may only be funded with one LiveSim account active at any time, although you can have multiple Live Accounts (live brokerage accounts through the prop firm). Note that it may require a longer compliance process. The prop firms do not provide a leader-follower or other trade copy system between the accounts. We suggest only trading a single account for the best results and to avoid concentration issues.

If you would like to keep an account stowed away for later use, you must disclose when you intend to use the spare account and stick to a timeline you and the prop firms establish together. Should the account setup you require incur extra costs, the prop firms may require you to make that payment before setting up the accounts.

Please note that on the Trader Career Path or Gauntlet Mini™ accounts, you will have to use a separate email address for each account. Your trading accounts may be assigned to one data feed user. Please contact our customer support if you've made multiple purchases and you cannot find an account.

Trade Copiers Forbidden
You are not permitted to use trade copiers to pass multiple accounts. If you pass the exam and are found to have used trade copiers to pass your accounts, you will receive only one account (LiveSim or Live Account). You will not receive a refund on any accounts that you used trade copiers. Data fees are paid to the CME and the data feed provider for each Trader Career Path or Gauntlet Mini™ account, and these fees cannot be refunded once paid. You are not permitted to use trade copiers on your live / Livesim account once you have passed, either.

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