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Prohibited Conduct in Earn2Trade Evaluations and in the LiveSim®/ Live Trading Environment
Prohibited Conduct in Earn2Trade Evaluations and in the LiveSim®/ Live Trading Environment
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In the Earn2Trade program, certain actions are forbidden and others must be reported to maintain the integrity of all trading simulations, including the LiveSim® and Live Trading environments.

What is the purpose of prohibiting certain conduct in Earn2Trade?

Prohibited conduct is enforced to discourage gambling-like actions, prevent rule evasion, and avoid unrealistic order executions. Both the Gauntlet Mini™ and Trader Career Path® programs aim to mirror the conditions of live-market trading, ensuring that traders achieve success in realistic market conditions.

What are the possible consequences for engaging in prohibited conduct? If a trader engages in prohibited conduct, actions taken may include:

  • Issuing a warning

  • Deleting the trading data from the affected day

  • Resetting the trader’s account

  • Permanently closing the trader’s account

What types of behaviors are considered prohibited by Earn2Trade? Earn2Trade identifies the following as prohibited conduct:

  • Employing strategies designed to take advantage of or generate errors within the platform, such as price display errors or delays in price updates;

  • Engaging in disruptive trading practices, including spoofing;

  • Executing an unrealistic number of contracts in a single day;

  • Collaborating to manipulate or abuse the trading environment, which may include trading between connected accounts, multiple accounts across different parties, or executing trades that hedge or pool risks among unrelated accounts;

  • Utilizing software, artificial intelligence, or ultra-fast data entry techniques that could potentially manipulate the trading environment or provide an unfair advantage;

  • Trading in a manner that does not align with actual market practices in the relevant futures markets or could potentially cause financial or other types of harm to Earn2Trade;

  • Using tools or strategies that negatively impact the site’s functionality or exploit any of its technical flaws;

  • Bypassing geographical or other technical restrictions;

  • Trading on behalf of others or sharing incentives through any form of business arrangement.

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