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What is the Commission on the Earn2Trade Evaluations?
What is the Commission on the Earn2Trade Evaluations?

Learn more about our commissions structure and their difference

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Traders have the choice to select their preferred commission schedules on the Trader Career Path® or the Gauntlet Mini™ during the account setup procedure starting from November 1, 2022.

The selection can be made after the purchase or reset of a TCP or a GM™ evaluation account. Following a purchase, traders must select the exchanges they intend to trade and indicate which commission schedule they choose.

Default commissions offer a $2.02 per side commission on all assets.

This applies for both mini and micro assets and is a more favorable choice for traders who do not usually trade micros.

Live commission mirrors the commissions schedule as offered by the prop firms.

The cost associated with this commission schedule varies from asset to asset and is sometimes higher than the default $2.02. Micros range from $0.82 per contract per side to $1.08 per contract per side.

This second type of structure favors traders who trade with micros. Each trader must decide for themselves which structure they prefer depending on the assets they want to trade.

For more details on the commissions, please contact our support.

Some trading platforms do not display/calculate commissions by default. Always make sure you understand the commission structure of your account and check if your platform settings are correct before trading.

Disclaimer: default or live commission costs are liable to change at any time without advance warning.

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