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How Do I Set Up My Evaluation?
How Do I Set Up My Evaluation?

Steps you need to take in order to successfully set up your evaluation and start trading.

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Setting Up Your Evaluation Account

After successfully purchasing either the Trader Career Path® or the Gauntlet Mini™ evaluation program, here are the steps you need to follow to successfully set up your evaluation account and get ready to trade.

  1. Look for your “Verification” email and verify your email address.

  2. Go to your E2T dashboard and click the Account Setup tab.

  3. Select the exchanges you intend to trade.

  4. Look for the “Rithmic Data Feed Credentials Created” email.

  5. Accept your Rithmic exchange agreements.

  6. Plug your data feed into the trading platform of your choice.

Detailed Steps for Evaluation Setup

Please see the steps for the setup of your evaluation in more detail below.

Verification (1st step): Check the “verification email” in the inbox you used for signing up and follow the instructions there.

Account Setup (2nd step): After you have verified your account, log in to Earn2Trade’s dashboard and click the “Account Setup” tab on the left side.

Select your exchanges (3rd step): Select the exchanges you intend to trade. You will have live commissions applied to your evaluation. The commission schedule is explained here.

Look for the “Rithmic Data Feed Credentials Created” email (4th step): You will receive data feed credentials and instructions from Earn2Trade in a separate email.

If you’ve made the purchase and received this email during off-market hours (for example, between 3:50 pm and 5:00 pm CT on weekdays or on the weekend), then your account setups may take longer, and the credentials may not work yet. In that case, please try logging in again when the market opens.

Accept your Rithmic exchange agreements (5th step): Before you can start trading, you’ll need to accept your Rithmic exchange agreements here. Select non-professional if you qualify. If you select “professional,” you will be charged for additional data fees.

Log in with your data feed credentials (6th step): Use your Rithmic data feed username and password found in the email from step 5 to connect your Rithmic data feed to your trading platform of choice. If your login requires you to choose a server, select the "Rithmic Paper Trading-Chicago Area-Non-Aggregated" server.)

If you can't log in, your Rithmic credentials may not be working, and they need to be checked. In this case, please reach out to our Customer Support.

If you previously had an account with us, keep in mind that your Rithmic credentials have not changed, and you can input them without a problem. If you don’t remember them, make sure to reach out to our Support.

If you have accepted the Rithmic exchange agreements above, and after that, plugged your Rithmic credentials into your platform, you will see two accounts. One is the evaluation account for the Trader Career Path® / Gauntlet Mini™, and the other is a simulator account for practice. The simulator account has the word “sim” in the account ID. Only trades placed in the Trader Career Path® / Gauntlet Mini™ account will count towards your evaluation.

Congratulations! Your evaluation is now set up for trading. Before you start, please make sure to read the rules carefully. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

The Earn2Trade team wishes you the best of luck in your evaluation!

Additional Notes

Platforms compatible with Rithmic are listed here.

The platform we recommend is NinjaTrader®. You will receive a free license for it if you log in to the Earn2Trade dashboard under the NinjaTrader® tab. The license will be available for use during the evaluation and on the LiveSim account as well. NinjaTrader® is currently Rithmic only.

If you use the Finamark platform, please make sure you’re running it on the latest version of Google Chrome.

If you need a backup trading platform, you can get R|Trader Pro here. We strongly recommend keeping R|Trader Pro on your computer to use a failsafe, reliable source of information, and a tool to pull all your orders and close positions at the end of the day.

You can enable your Journalytix license under the “Journalytix" tab in our dashboard to track your Trader Career Path® / Gauntlet Mini™ progress. This is offered once per user, and it is accessible as long as you have an active subscription with E2T.

In addition to allowing you to track your evaluation progress, request your NinjaTrader® license, use the Finamark platform, and access Journalytix, you can also browse our catalog of educational material and manage your subscription.

You can engage with our community and other traders by joining our open Discord server here.

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