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What is the Withdrawal Policy?
What is the Withdrawal Policy?
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The prop firms process withdrawals once a week, on Tuesdays. Your withdrawal request needs to be emailed to the proprietary trading firm by 2pm on the prior Friday to ensure the withdrawal goes out the next Tuesday.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 (for live and LiveSim® accounts), and no withdrawal fees apply over $500. Please note that banks, payment providers and crypto exchanges may charge each transaction their own fees.

In case you are the holder of a LiveSim® account with non-professional CME status, there will be a one-time per-account activation fee of $139 deducted from your first withdrawal amount (thus your profits must be sufficient to cover both the minimum withdrawal amount and the one-time setup fee. You’ll need at least $239 in profits ($100 + $139 setup fee) to make your first withdrawal.

Otherwise, there are NO restrictions on withdrawing your profits after getting funded.

Withdrawal Methods

Traders can withdraw from the prop firms using any of the following methods:

  • Bank Wire

  • Crypto withdrawal

The prop firms provide these withdrawal methods through a partnership with Rise, an international contract and payment management platform. The prop firm charges $10.00 per withdrawal (pass through fee to Rise), which is waived for withdrawals over $500.00.

LiveSim® Withdrawals

There are two methods of obtaining a LiveSim® after completing Earn2Trade evaluations.

  1. After completing a Gauntlet Mini™ evaluation and selecting the LiveSim® funding option

  2. After completing the Trader Career Path® evaluation and selecting the LiveSim® funding option

Gauntlet Mini™ LiveSim®

The maximum amount a trader can withdraw from a LiveSim® obtained after any size Gauntlet Mini™ evaluation is $4,000. In order to be able to withdraw the full $4,000, the trader must reach a profit of $5,000 (the prop firm deducts 20%). The prop firm will deduct their share every month or at every withdrawal, but never exceeding 20%.

Trader Career Path® LiveSim®

The maximum amount a trader can withdraw from a LiveSim® obtained after a Trader Career Path® evaluation is the corresponding profit target with 20% deducted for the prop firm. There is no monthly deduction on LiveSims® obtained in the Trader Career Path® program.

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