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How Does NinjaTrader® Work With Earn2Trade Products?
How Does NinjaTrader® Work With Earn2Trade Products?
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NinjaTrader® is the platform we recommend for both the Trader Career Path and The Gauntlet Mini™.

Active users can receive a free license key, by logging in to the Earn2Trade dashboard using the email address and password they signed up with. Click the NinjaTrader® tab on the sidebar to the left to receive your license key.

Please keep in mind that this free license is only available as long as you are still active at Earn2Trade. The license key can only be used with Earn2Trade products.

How to set up NinjaTrader®

Once you receive your free license key, you can connect to your data feed using the Rithmic username and password you receive via email. Follow the steps listed in the official NinjaTrader setup guide here to connect and you’re ready to start trading.

Using NinjaTrader® on Live Accounts

Once you have passed your examination you have the following options to use a NinjaTrader® license:

  • If you have your own NinjaTrader® License you can continue to use it on your live account

  • If you want to purchase a license, Earn2Trade candidates receive a $100 discount on the purchase of a Single Broker Lifetime License of the software and a $300 discount on the purchase of a Multi-Broker Lifetime License. Please contact our support for details

  • A paid NinjaTrader® licence will work with the prop firms. The prop firms do not provide the leader-follower service anymore and it is no longer necessary to use.

Update: November 10, 2021

NinjaTrader® is once again available on Live accounts without the leader-follower system. Please note that you need a paid version of NinjaTrader® to be able to trade on Live accounts.

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