Once traders pass the Gauntlet or Gauntlet Mini examination, they have the option of continuing to the prop firm and trading on a live account, or trading on a simulated trading account (LiveSim).

The LiveSim is a simulated trading account where traders can continue to hone their skills in a simulated environment, while having the benefit of being able to withdraw their profit. The simulated environment is populated by a live data feed (Rithmic), and can be traded on using a wide variety of trading platforms that integrate with Rithmic.

The LiveSim is meant as an optional intermediary step for successful Gauntlet and Gauntlet Mini candidates, and is meant as a bridge between trading on a simulator and trading on a live account.

After reaching a $5,000.00 profit level on the LiveSim, the trader will be moved to a live account.

All the same rules apply for the Gauntlet and Gauntlet Mini in the LiveSim as on the professional account. The only difference is that exchange fees are deducted directly from the balance of the account during LiveSim, and must be paid out of pocket (as a pass through cost) during the professional account.

Traders who trade on the LiveSim are considered professional traders by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Therefore exchange fees are still charged, although they are deducted directly from the account balance.Please note that NinjaTrader currently can only be used without the Leader-Follower system on LiveSim accounts.

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