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What is the LiveSim©?
What is the LiveSim©?
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Once traders pass an Earn2Trade evaluation, they have the option of continuing to the prop firm and trading on a live account, or trading on a simulated trading account, the LiveSim©.

The LiveSim© is a simulated trading account where traders can continue to hone their skills in a simulated environment, while having the benefit of being able to withdraw their profit. The simulated environment is populated by a live data feed, and can be traded on using a wide variety of trading platforms.

The LiveSim© is meant as an optional intermediary step for successful evaluation candidates, and is meant as a bridge between trading on a simulator and trading on a live account.

Please read about the difference between Live and LiveSim© accounts on our website here.

Please note that Earn2Trade's core mission is finding traders who can be profitable and a valuable addition to a proprietary trading firm. While LiveSim© is offered as an option, the proprietary trading firms, depending on your performance, may decide to provide a Live account instead of a LiveSim©.

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