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Can I Use My Own Data Feed?
Can I Use My Own Data Feed?
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In the E2T evaluation stage you will have to use the data feed provider offered by E2T (currently we work with Rithmic).

Once you are funded with our trading prop firm partners, you will be able to use your own data feed as long as it's a professional one (for example, CQG, CTS, Trading Technologies etc.), however only for charting purposes.

In that case you do not need to subscribe to the Helios Rithmic data feed (for charting) and data will not incur any costs but you will still have to execute through the Helios data feed for the prop firms to be able to keep track of your progress.

You will not be able to view charts or P&L through the Helios data feed if you opt to use your own professional data. For this reason please make sure your platform will allow you to chart with your existing feed and execute in the Helios feed.

The execution has no additional cost, and you will only be able to place your positions through it.


In case you choose to be funded in a LiveSim account, the $139 account activation fee stays in place irrespective of whether you have your own data feed as the fee covers the account setup, the account activation and the Certificate.

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