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What Happens When I Complete My Funding Evaluation?
What Happens When I Complete My Funding Evaluation?
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This article will give you an overview of what happens when candidates pass The Trader Career Path® or The Gauntlet Mini™ trader funding evaluations.

  1. Earn2Trade periodically screens if active candidates qualify to pass our evaluations. Then, we check to confirm that the candidate meets all three requirements. If you believe you’ve passed, you can contact us, and we’ll check for you.

  2. After we confirm that you meet the requirements, we will send you a certificate to congratulate you on passing, and we’ll forward your results to our proprietary trading partners.

  3. Our partner firm will reach out to you to ask if you’d prefer to be funded on a Live or LiveSim ® account and send you your offer. You will need to sign the offer and send them documents to verify your address and identity to continue.

  4. Our partner firm will forward your documents to the brokerage to create your trading account, deposit their capital, and send you the login information for the account.

    The broker may request a certified translation of the address/ID proof from customers whose primary language is not English. In cases where the document is entirely in Arabic, the broker will undoubtedly require a translation.

You are free to trade your funded trading account as you see fit as long as you follow the rules, and you will be able to withdraw your share of any profit you start making from it.

In our experience, this entire process takes 5-7 business days on average. However, since it depends on both the trader who passed the test and the third parties mentioned above, the exact time it takes to get set up may vary.


Please note that from September 1, 2023, funded traders who choose a LiveSim® account and have a Non-professional CME status will pay a one-time per-account activation fee of $139.00 for all four CME exchanges.

This applies only to traders who purchased their subscription on or after September 1, 2023. If you subscribed prior to this month, you will be exempt from the $139 account activation fee upon passing the test, even if you reset your account after the implementation of the new fee structure.

Those with Professional status will be charged $130/month/exchange. Traders who choose to trade on a Live account will also pay $130/month/exchange.

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