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How to Connect Rithmic to Overcharts?
How to Connect Rithmic to Overcharts?
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Earn2Trade does not take any responsibility for the functionality of the platform(s) listed as compatible with the Gauntlet™/ Gauntlet Mini™ / Trader Career Path programs.

Earn2Trade does not provide a free license to the listed platform(s) unless otherwise stated.

Earn2Trade’s customer support cannot provide platform-related assistance or help with technical questions/issues regarding the listed platform(s). If you require technical support for the trading platforms, please contact the platform vendors.

Before connecting your Rithmic credentials for your Gauntlet™/Gauntlet Mini™/ Trader Career Path to Overcharts, make sure you have completed the following steps:

Step 1: Please click the following link, input your Rithmic credentials, and accept the Rithmic Agreements:

Step 2: Download and set up Overcharts from the vendor’s website:

Register for an Overcharts account through this link:

Connect the Rithmic data feed to Overcharts:

Log in to Overcharts.

Go to the “Connections” tab and right-click on the “Rithmic” connection.

Select “Edit”.

Insert your Rithmic username and password then select “Rithmic Paper Trading (Chicago)” as the connection point.

Select “Simulation (USD)” as “Account of simulation”.

You can drag and drop the Rithmic connection into “Favorites”.

Double click the “Connect” button in the top menu and then wait until the three yellow dots turn to green.

You have now connected your Rithmic data feed to Overcharts.

To select and switch between your evaluation and SIM accounts, go to the “Instruments” drop-down menu at the top of the application and then click on “Accounts”.

From this tab, you will be able to select the simulation account or the evaluation account.

Your Gauntlet™/Gauntlet Mini™/ Trader Career Path account will most likely start with your Rithmic user and have gau/gau25/gau50/gau75/gau100/gau150 in its name depending on your account type/size.

For example, if your Rithmic username is jsmit1234, your $25,000 Gauntlet Mini™ account will be jsmit1234gau25+random digits.

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