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How to connect Rithmic to NinjaTrader®?
How to connect Rithmic to NinjaTrader®?
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Earn2Trade does not take any responsibility for the functionality of the platform(s) listed as compatible with the Gauntlet Mini™ / Trader Career Path programs.

Earn2Trade does not provide a free license to the listed platform(s) unless otherwise stated.

Earn2Trade’s customer support cannot provide platform-related assistance or help with technical questions/issues regarding the listed platform(s). If you require technical support for the trading platforms, please contact the platform vendors.

Before you start connecting your Gauntlet Mini™/ Trader Career Path to NinjaTrader®, please follow the next steps:

1. Login or Create your NT account

If you are already registered on the NinjaTrader website, please use the following link to log into their Dashboard with your NinjaTrader username and password:

If you haven’t registered to the new NinjaTrader Dashboard, you can do it by going to this link and filling up your information:

We recommend that you register manually by adding your email address and an appropriate password.

2. Migrate your license key

  • Select Import a License Key

  • You can find the license key inside Earn2Trade’s dashboard, under the NinjaTrader tab.

  • Paste it onto the NinjaTrader website and click Import.

3. Enable Multi-Provider Mode

  • Open NinjaTrader 8.1 or install it.

  • From the Control Center window, select the menu Tools > Options

  • Search Multi-provider, select it and click OK.

4. Connect your account

Now it’s time to connect your Earn2Trade account to the platform.

  • Start NinjaTrader® 8.1 and log in with your newly created username and password.

  • Select the launch button below Simulation on the following screen.

  • Within your Control Center, select Connections > Configure. If you can’t see the Configure option, be sure to enable Multi-Provider Mode.

  • Select Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage and press add.

  • Enter your Rithmic Username and Password (this is different than your NinjaTrader Account Dashboard password, you will find your Rithmic details on your inbox) and then select Rithmic Paper Trading as the system, you must select the location that is closest to you. Press OK.

  • Click on Connect again and then select your connection name. Once the green light appears next to your connection, you will be able to select your account from the Account dropdown menus and enter trades.

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