If a candidate successfully completes The Gauntlet Mini™ they will receive a guaranteed offer of funding from Helios Trading Partners. The offer corresponds entirely to the account parameters of the Gauntlet Mini™ account type they selected apart from the data fees, which must be paid by the trader.

After successfully completing the Gauntlet Mini™, the trader will acquire a LiveSim account in which profit can be withdrawn as if it were a live account. This account reduces the risk to the prop firm and provides the full benefits of a live trading account for the trader. Upon acquiring the minimum amount of profit required by the account type, the conditional offer will have been met and the trader will join the proprietary trading firm as a limited partner.

Below is a sample offer for the $25,000 account. You can also find it on The Gauntlet Mini™ page along with more details on other account types: earn2trade.com/gauntlet-mini

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