If a candidate successfully completes The Gauntlet Mini™ they will receive a guaranteed offer of funding from Helios Trading Partners. The offer corresponds to the account parameters of The Gauntlet Mini™ account type they selected apart from the following key differences:

  • Profits can be withdrawn and are subject to an 80/20% profit split in the trader's favor.

  • Daily loss limits can be removed upon request after the lower threshold of the trader's maximum drawdown reaches the account's starting balance. (For example after reaching $52,000 on a $50,000 account.) To do so please contact the Helios support team.

  • Monthly data fees must be paid by the trader, unless they already have their own data feed.

  • Unscheduled absences of five consecutive trading days will result in account termination.

You can find more details on account types for The Gauntlet Mini™ here: earn2trade.com/gauntlet-mini

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