Here is a list of platforms that can be used in the Gauntlet Mini™ / Trader Career Path. Other than where noted below, users must provide their own license:

  • NinjaTrader® - Recommended (free during the Trader Career Path/ Gauntlet Mini™.)

  • Finamark (free during the Trader Career Path/ Gauntlet Mini™, includes a 90 day live trading license)

  • R | Trader & R | Trader Pro (free)

  • Overcharts (60 days free for new users)

  • Inside Edge Trader

  • Investor RT

  • Motive Wave

  • MultiCharts

  • Bookmap

  • Photon

  • QScalp

  • QSI- Quick Screen Trading

  • ScalpTool

  • Trade Navigator


  • Jigsaw Trading

  • ATAS Order Flow Trading

  • Sierra Chart (Please see this article for further details.) As of 2020, Sierra Charts no longer supports Rithmic officially. While many customers still use it without any issues, there is no official Sierra support for possible connection issues. Please use at your own risk only.

  • Quantower

If you don’t see your platform of choice, please contact our support and see if we can provide a solution.

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