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We have been involved in discussions with NinjaTrader about the availability of their platform for The Gauntlet™ / Gauntlet Mini™, as well as for our traders who get funded by Helios Trading Partners. Initially NinjaTrader required us to pay a large sum of money for our users to get a free license for usage during The Gauntlet™ / Gauntlet Mini™, make several changes to our website that promoted their brand, and require customers who became funded and used the NinjaTrader platform to trade only through the NinjaTrader Brokerage. Supporting platforms that are mainly tied to a single brokerage has a number of drawbacks, this situation is a showcase of one of those.

After much deliberation, we decided that we would accept these conditions. Unfortunately, and for a yet still unknown reason NinjaTrader has decided to sever their relationship with us. We don't know if they intend to backtrack on that decision in the future, but the fact remains that NinjaTrader will no longer support live trading accounts funded by Helios. We can only assume this to be related to their other current business relationships potentially causing a conflict of interest, but there is no need for us to speculate on why this has happened after we agreed to their conditions.


If you are the owner of a multibroker lifetime NT License that was purchased before July 2014, you will be able to use your platform for your LiveSim account and your Helios account.


Helios has now added a Leader-Follower service that will allow you to use NinjaTrader on your live account even if you don't have the type of license mentioned above. The system will copy your trades from NinjaTrader to Helios through a paper trading account. This means you're not interacting directly with the live market so there could be a small delay and you may not get the same fill. Traders who choose this option are responsible for monitoring their Helios account, since their loss limits are based on the Helios account, not the paper trading account. There's also an additional $25 ($50 if your user is more than 6 months old) data fee to maintain the paper trading account.

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