The LiveSim is an intermediate step in the Gauntlet™ (not in the Gauntlet Mini™) in which traders can trade off of a simulator and withdraw their profits. 

The reason this step was added was because many traders were losing too many funds when finishing their examination and going directly to Helios. Earn2Trade and Helios subsequently arrived at an agreement that Earn2Trade would permit traders to trade on a LiveSim, which for all intents and purposes would act as a live account for the trader, and allow the trader to withdraw their profits.

Once a profit target has been met on the LiveSim the trader is moved over to Helios.

All the same rules apply for the Gauntlet™ in the LiveSim as on the professional account. The only difference is that data feed costs are deducted directly from the balance of the account during LiveSim, and must be paid out of pocket (as a pass through cost) during the professional account with Helios.

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