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What Offer Will I Receive Upon Completing The Trader Career Path®?
What Offer Will I Receive Upon Completing The Trader Career Path®?

What rules apply in the funded trading accounts?

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If a candidate successfully completes The Trader Career Path®, they will receive a guaranteed funding offer from one of our proprietary trading partners. The offer starts traders who pass the TCP25 and TCP50 on an account of similar size. Traders may choose between getting funded on a Live or a LiveSim® account. In addition, the offer includes a scaling plan, which means traders can get additional capital from the firm by withdrawing their profit.

Funded trading accounts have the following rules:

  • Profits can be withdrawn and are subject to an 80/20% profit split in the trader's favor.

  • The approved times, progression ladder, and daily loss rules still apply.

  • Daily loss limits can be removed upon request after the lower threshold of the trader's maximum drawdown reaches the account's starting balance. (For example, after reaching $52,000 on a $50,000 account.) To do so, please contact the Helios support team.

  • LiveSim® accounts use an end of day drawdown. Live accounts use a trailing drawdown. The drawdown limit is fixed to $194,000 for the $200,000 account and to $380,000 for the $400,000 account.

  • Monthly data fees must be paid by the trader unless they already have their own data feed.

  • Unscheduled absences of five consecutive trading days will result in account termination.

Funded traders who reach the profit target on the $200,000 account after taking the TCP25 or the $400,000 account after taking the TCP50 will receive a custom offer from the proprietary trading firm.

You can find more details on account types for The Trader Career Path® here:

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