This rule applies to accounts purchased or reset before July 1, 2021. Earn2Trade uses Central Time (Chicago).

A trailing drawdown is a drawdown that is pegged to your positive account performance. That means that if you increase your profit by $1.00, then your trailing drawdown will also rise by $1.00. All rules, including trailing, use closed and open equity intraday.

For example, in a $25,000.00 account your starting trailing drawdown is $23,500.00.

On your first trade as you make $100.00 in profit bringing your account balance to $25,100.00. This correspondingly raises your trailing drawdown to $23,600.00.

This continues until your trailing drawdown reaches the starting balance of your account, or in this case $25,000.00, at which point the drawdown will no longer trail above $25,000.00.

You can check your current maximum drawdown in R | Trader Pro's Trader Dashboard by looking at the Auto Liquidate Threshold Value column. It'll tell you exactly what balance your account is liquidated at.

Traders who pass the Gauntlet Mini™ challenge and go to a Live account will have to adhere to the trailing drawdown rule as described above. Traders who go to a LiveSim account will have to follow the EOD Drawdown rule, as described here.

The trailing limit changes based on account type:

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