Depending on what platform you use, the fee structure might be different, but generally, the fee structure for live and LiveSim accounts is the following.

Commissions Per Side

FCM Commissions

Full size contracts (eg.: ES, RTY, GC, CL): maximum $0.54 per side.

Micro contracts (eg.: MES, MGC, MNQ): maximum $0.46 per side.

Rithmic Platform Fee

$0.10 per side


$0.02 per side

Trading Platform fee

Platform dependent

(Finamark is included in the Rithmic Platform Fee)

Exchange Fees (asset contract price)

Please check the link below to determine the price of trading your preferred contract:

The total per side commission of an asset can be calculated by adding the items above. For details and common examples, please see below chart:

These fees are subject to change at any time.

Exchange Data


On your LiveSim account exchange fees are paid by the firm.

Live Account

$105.00 /month/exchange. This cost is charged on your credit card (or other payment method). The data fee is charged before the end of each month for the next month.

Please note that the CME charges data fees per calendar month and does not charge fractional amounts. If the data fee is turned on the last week of a month, it costs $105, regardless of how many days in that particular month you use the data. These are pass through fees directly from the exchange.

Live data fees are charged by the funding firm and not Earn2Trade.

These fees are subject to change at any time.

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