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How Can I Close My Positions?
How Can I Close My Positions?
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If you run into an issue closing your position on your own trading platform, you can close them directly on R Trader Pro as well. Earn2Trade recommends keeping this platform downloaded and updated on your trading computer at all times. Please see the explanation on how to close positions in R Trader Pro below.

If you don’t have R Trader Pro on your computer you can download it here:

1. Open R Trader Pro and fill out the login panel:

Copy and paste your Rithmic username and password (with no blank spaces). Select Rithmic Paper Trading as the system.

Select the gateway that is closest to your location.

See an example below:

2. Once inside RTrader Pro, select the Positions Icon and Click the red X next to your open position.

3. If this didn’t work and your position is not closed, please contact our support team via live chat or to our email: [email protected].

Our working hours are from 1:00 am to 5:00 pm US Central Time. Please note that Earn2Trade does not offer a trade desk service and is not responsible for closing trades for the traders.

Note: Many trading platforms have a function to “exit trades” or “close positions”.

In reality, this function sends an order that is the opposite of the positions you have open, i.e. if you have an open buy position, when you press the “close position” button in your own trading platform, it will send a sell order to close your position.

A commonly seen error with many platforms is traders frantically spamming the close position button, without waiting for their platform to update what is still open. In certain cases, depending on your computer’s processing power or internet speed, you may not see that your position has already been closed. Pressing the “close position” button at this time multiple times will result in multiple orders being sent, in many cases, failing the trader on the progression ladder.

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