Here is a list of platforms that can be used in The Gauntlet™. Other than where noted below, users must provide their own license:

  • Finamark (free during the Gauntlet™ / Gauntlet Mini™, includes a 90 day live trading license)
  • R | Trader & R | Trader Pro (free)
  • Overcharts (60 days free for new users) 
  • Agena Trader
  • Inside Edge Trader
  • Investor RT
  • Motive Wave
  • MultiCharts
  • Bookmap
  • Photon
  • QScalp
  • QSI- Quick Screen Trading
  • ScalpTool
  • Trade Navigator
  • Jigsaw Trading
  • ATAS Order Flow Trading
  • Sierra Chart (Please see this article for further details.)
  • NinjaTrader PAID LICENCES ONLY (Please see this article for further details.)

If you don’t see your platform of choice, please contact our support and see if we can provide a solution.

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