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Do you provide free resets?
Do you provide free resets?
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The Trader Career Path evaluation includes a free reset after every monthly rebill of your subscription. Both the TCP25 and the TCP50 come with this feature. This only applies from the first rebill of your subscription. (Rebill refers to any renewal payment charged after the first month of your active subscription.)

These free resets can be used anytime during your subscription, and you can save up more than one, but they are lost when you cancel your subscription. If you have multiple evaluations at the same time, free resets are tracked separately for each one, and they can only be used for the subscription you receive them from.

To verify the number of free resets available for your current subscription, go to your E2T dashboard, click the “Evaluation” tab and scroll down to the “Reset” button.

Important notes:

TCP subscriptions purchased in 2022 and rebilled in 2023 also receive free resets at each rebill.

Free resets are not added retroactively for rebills processed before 2023.

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