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What is the "Maintain Consistency" Rule?
What is the "Maintain Consistency" Rule?
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The Maintain Consistency rule applies to both the Trader Career Path® evaluation and the Gauntlet Mini™.

The "Maintain Consistency" rule states that over the course of your examination, no single trading day can account for 30% or more of your total PnL.

For Example:

If your profit target is $3,000, it is a good idea to keep 30% of that as a benchmark number in your head. 30% of $3,000 is $900. If you profit more than $900 in a single day, that does not end your evaluation or make you fail the process. It just means that you need to trade more, until this single day equals less than 30% of your total profits.

Using the same example, if you profit $1,200 in one day, that's 40% of $3,000. You can calculate how much profit you need to maintain consistency by dividing your highest daily profit ($1,200) by 0.3. In this case, 1,200 / 0.3 = 4,000. So, if your total profit is over $4,000, the $1,200 daily profit becomes less than 30% of your total.

The Maintain Consistency rule does not apply on the LiveSim® and/or Live accounts.

The daily PnL is calculated into this rule regardless of whether or not the account balance is below or over the starting account balance.

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