Earn2Trade does not take any responsibility for the functionality of the platform(s) listed as compatible with the Gauntlet™/ Gauntlet Mini™ programs.

Earn2Trade does not provide a free license to the listed platform(s) unless otherwise stated.

Earn2Trade’s customer support cannot provide platform-related assistance or help with technical questions/issues regarding the listed platform(s). If you require technical support for the trading platforms, please contact the platform vendors.

Before connecting your Rithmic credentials to your Gauntlet™/Gauntlet Mini™ to Jigsaw DayTradr, make sure you have completed the following steps:

Step 1: Access the following link with your Rithmic credentials, and accept the Rithmic Agreements:


Step 2: Register, download, and set up Daytradr from the vendor’s website:


Connect the Rithmic data feed to Daytradr:

Log in to Daytradr and click on the Connection manager:

From the Connection manager, go to “New” and select “Rithmic”.

When you select the Rithmic data feed, it will open a new window.

Insert your Rithmic username and password and then select “Rithmic Paper Trading” as the server.

For “Connection”, you can enter any name that is convenient for you to identify.

Click “Ok” when finished.

Your Rithmic connection will appear in the connection window.

Click on “Connect”, then wait until the connection turns green.

Select “Download Instruments” to choose the exchanges you prefer, and then click Download.

Your account has been successfully connected.

You can select your trading accounts by going to “Orders and Positions View”.

Select “Accounts” from the top menu to see your Gauntlet™/Gauntlet Mini™ accounts:

Your Gauntlet™/Gauntlet Mini™ account will most likely start with your Rithmic user and have gau/gau25/gau50/gau75/gau100/gau150 in its name depending on your account type/size.

For example, if your Rithmic username is jsmit1234, your $25,000 Gauntlet Mini™ account will be jsmit1234gau25+random digits.

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