Unfortunately as mentioned in the NinjaTrader documentation, the current versions of NinjaTrader do not utilize server side brackets/OCO's with Rithmic. We hope in the future they will update their platform to the utilize this functionality, until then clients need to be aware of how the use of NinjaTrader ATM's strategies work with margin. An example is below:

  • Long +2 NQ (uses 2x margin)
  • ATM strategy with a -2 target and -2 stop

In this example, when you place the original position long 2 contracts, you're using 2x the exchange margin requirements. Due to the fact that NinjaTrader does not use server side brackets or OCO's, the Take Profit order of -2 qty would offset the original position thus would not use any additional margin. However, the stop order since it is not part of an OCO/bracket, would use 2x additional margin.

What does this mean? If you only have 4 available contracts of margin, the max position you can have have open with a stop and target in NinjaTrader would be 2 contracts as the stop will require your other 2 contracts of available margin.

NOTE: This issue described above is caused by a bug in Rithmic when not using server side stops. Rithmic is fixing a bug in SMAC (the Rithmic risk algo we use) so that it won't use extra margin when using NinjtaTrader. If someone joins before they fix it and you only trade a handful of assets, please let our support know and we have a work around that Rithmic gave us that we can do for your account to fix it!

If you plan on using NinjaTrader with your Live Account, please VIEW LIVE ACCOUNT NOTICE for more information.

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