We acknowledge that every single trader is different, and our proprietary trading partners are looking for diversified traders. Therefore, we only have a few rules in order to successfully pass.

  1. Manage a $25,000.00 account over a 60 day period

  2. Submit a Trading Plan in the Dashboard

  3. Trade a minimum of 30 Calendar days and once per week

  4. Reach a 10% profit target by the end of the evaluation

  5. 10% Maximum drawdown

Candidates also have the option of choosing preset stop losses, daily losses and weekly loss limits, as well as setting their own additional rules for the 60-day evaluation period. It’s important to note that if a candidate chooses to set their own rules, they should do their best to abide by them in order to achieve the best offer. For understanding what offer you can expect upon completion please click here

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