If a candidate successfully completes The Gauntlet™ they will receive a guaranteed offer of funding from Helios Trading Partners. The offer contains, but is not limited to three main points, including the funding amount, the maximum drawdown and the profit split.

Owing to the high volume of traders who passed the Gauntlet™ and failed shortly after on their live account, a conditional offer is provided to the trader to lower risk to the proprietary trading firm. After successfully completing the Gauntlet™, the trader will acquire a live sim account in which profit can be withdrawn as if it were a live account. This account reduces the risk to the prop firm and provides the full benefits of a live trading account for the trader. Upon acquiring $5,000.00 profit, the conditional offer will have been met and the trader will join the proprietary trading firm as a limited partner.

No withdrawal fees apply over $500.

Funding Amount

Funding is 25,000.00 and all of the funds are available for the traders from day one as available margin.

Non-Trailing Maximum Drawdown

The non-trailing maximum drawdown is based on the traders drawdown during the Gauntlet™. See the chart below for details.

Profit Split

It's 80% profit share for the trader.

Available Assets

Please note that depending on your performance on the Gauntlet™, Helios might limit your ability to trade assets you did not trade profitably.

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